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Tormaven Offers Professional Services

Tormaven offers a wide variety of software and web development packages and customization. We can build your new website from the ground up, enhance or update the site you already have, customize your collabration tools, make your database more efficient, and much, much more.

See below a desciption of some of the services we provide.

Giving You A Presence on the Web

Having a presence on the web is vital for a business to grow. As experts in that area, we'll help you get there with a professional site that you can be proud of.

Tormaven offers a variety of packages and custom development to help you build your site. We'll partner with your business and walk you through the process from registering your web address to supporting the final product after it has been launched.

Contact us for more information, offered packages, and pricing for our Internet Services.

Customizing Your Software Application

Tormaven consultants love taking on challenging and new customization projects. We know that you might find yourself in a position where you need your software to acheive a specific task, but you're unable to find that software online or in stores. Tormaven can help. We can build you a program that is catered specifically to your needs using .NET technologies.

Customizing Your Collaboration Tools

Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool for businesses to use for collaboration. However, it doesn't always offer exactly what you need. Tormaven can help. We can customize webparts that will fit your needs and fit into SharePoint like a glove.

Contact us for more information on how we can customize your software programs.